John Lynch has a calendar too with Today in Science in history.

A History of the Holidays from Evolving in Kansas.

Where did winter holiday celebrations come from? Well, in a way, they originated with those ancient Persian party-dogs, the Mesopotamians.

What Would Jesus Buy? At the Jesus Myth. Well, actually, what would Jesus buy at the mall. The post is at the Jesus Myth. Here.

A few reviews of the Golden Compass:

Golden Compass – it’s about sex, really

Retrospectacle Review: The Golden Compass

Uncertain Principles: The Golden Compass

The Little Professor: The Golden Compass

Paryngula: The Golden Compass

Gene Expression: The Golden Compass

Chuck Norris: ‘The Golden Compass’ goes south – way south.

Ed Brayton on Chuck Norris

Pharyngula: Pullman responds to Donohue

Laelaps:Don’t believe Rotten Tomatoes; The Golden Compass is good!


  1. #1 Dave Briggs
    December 10, 2007

    The Today in Science in History was interesting. With the thousands, dare I say Millions of wonderful scientific breakthroughs and discoveries though the ages, all you have to do is divide by 365 and I am sure there are a lot of banner days on the calendar!
    Dave Briggs :~)