Fred Thompson on Global Warming

He’s trying so hard to be Ronald Regan that it makes me throw up a little bit inside my mouth. You have to just see it to believe it.


  1. #1 Moopheus
    December 12, 2007

    Actually, the show of hands thing is pretty stupid. I can’t really object to him objecting to that. It’s a ridiculous way to run a “debate”.

  2. #2 Regina
    December 12, 2007

    Yep…yep…FRED THOMPSON got ur done at the IPTV debate! Hands down…he will resonate with Iowa voters that had been turned off because of the dinosaur media. FRED knows the issues and refuses to play silly games! FRED is a leader, the others just followed.

    FRED THOMPSON (true Conservative Federalist) – NATIONAL SECURITY (Iíll do whatever it takes to stop the bastards, include water-boarding) – 2ND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE (arm everyone and the criminals will back off) – SECURE THE BORDERS (starve the bastards out and they will go home) – LAW AND ORDER (enforcement first and foremost) – SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM (the program canít sustain itself) – DEFEAT THE DEMOCRATS (any fool they put up) Ė TAX SIMPLIFICATION (choice for the tax payer)