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Fred Thompson on the NEA

Again, a Reagan line, nothing more. What a bunch of shit.

Archaeological Remains and Global Warming

Scientists studying ancient fish bones in Scandinavia have discovered that warm-water species like anchovies and black sea bream that once thrived in Danish waters during a prehistoric warm period are now returning. Some cold-water species, such as cod, were also abundant during this period, having benefited from a lower fishing effort. [source]

Fred Thompson on Global Warming

He’s trying so hard to be Ronald Regan that it makes me throw up a little bit inside my mouth. You have to just see it to believe it.

More Evidence for Water on Mars

This time, it comes from the side effect of the Mars Rover getting the Martian equivalent of a flat tire… NASA’s Spirit Mars rover has been dealing with [a] right front tire [that] went bad nearly two years ago. It didn’t go flat, but it’s quit turning forcing NASA to move the rover around in…

There is quite a bit of activity in the blogosphere about this initiative. Have a look…

Origin of Life

A new hypothesis for how life got started has been proposed, by Helen Hansma, of UC Santa Barbara.

Starting with Los Alamos, repeated atomic explosions altered the isotopic composition of the Earth’s atmosphere in a way that is easily seen in historic proxyindicator records such as ice cores, lake cores, tree rings, and so on. Recently raised cores from the Himalayan ice fields, when analyzed, failed to show this global signal. This strongly…

More “Junk” DNA is Not

Some of the base pairs in a given genome are strung together into templates that code for proteins or RNA molecules. These are the classic “genes.” Other base pairs probably have little or no function. Among the DNA that is not in classic gene-templates, however, there is a lot of important information, including “control regions.”…

War on Christmas Training Manual

From Austin Cline. What are the Christmas Wars?: In his infamous tract “The International Jew,” Henry Ford wrote “The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas, Easter and other Christian festivals, and their opposition to certain patriotic songs, shows the venom and directness of [their] attack.” The John Birch Society complained that the “Godless…