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More Late Night VIdeos..

Fins into Limbs: Evolution, Development, and Transformation by Brian K. Hall, Ed., University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2007. 459 pp. Reptile and mammal limbs and bird wings are all modifications of the original tetrapod limb that, in turn, arose from the fins of earlier fish. That original transition was complex with some parts of the…

Out of Wedlock Monkey Intercourse

Otherwise known as Intelligent Design (the “g” is hard). Billy loves science. So he’s going to hell where the Nazi’s live.

Charles Darwin Video

This is actually a pretty good video.

Don’t Forget

The Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival will be at The Greenbelt on December 19th. You should send your posts in any area of anthropology to … The current Four Stone Hearth is at remote central.

Sea Level Rise Coffee Mug

Some Pig …

How far is a lightyear?

Roy Zimmerman on Christmas

Well be praying for you, Roy.

Evolution in Action