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Make your own biosphere

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A Whale of a Missing Link : Indohyus

Yet another missing link has been found! This new find links whales to quadrupedal land mammals. Thewissen et al. report in Nature new fossil material from the Middle Eocene of Kashmir, India. This species (in the genus Indohyus is represented by a remarkable set of remains, including cranial and post cranial material. Previous studies using…


Aepyceros melampus. This is one of the more widespread antelopes. Impala can be either grazers or browsers. They are pretty and they taste good. This herd is located at De Wildt’s Reserve very near Johannesburg

A SiCortex SC648 supercomputer and a Linux cluster of 648 CPU’s and a TB of main memory woudl draw about 1,200 watts. That’s gotta widen your Carbon Footprint!

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A New OpenSource Online Office

“After going premium and suffering some community fragmentation, the open source office suite is being taken in a new direction by a company named Ulteo. A brainchild of Gael Duval, founder of Mandriva Linux, Ulteo’s mission is to serve as a platform for putting applications onto the web. Using this approach, Ulteo has released…

African American children may have reduced verbal ability compared to other children to a degree that is roughly equivalent to missing a year in school, according to a recently published paper. Is this evidence of a racial difference? The study by Sampson, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences included more…

Hitchens vs Souza

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War on Christmas Update

A conservative commentator recently editorialized: For centuries, atheism has been the rake lurking around the edges of the Christmas party, but now it’s slurping from the punch bowl in the middle of the room. Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are selling atheist manifestos by the bin, and teens are soaking up blasphemous bits…