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We Need More of These!

Or, even, one of these… It does require a prescription (rats!) but all you need is a special barcode and out comes your meds. [source]

Technology News

Red Hat Profitable; Solar-powered laptop for Tanzania; Happy Birthday Perl; NetBSD 4.0 released

Happy Birthday PLoS!

PLoS ONE is One Year Old Today!

OpenAccess, OpenSource News

Reminder: NY to pick between ODF and OOXML: “In August of 2007, the State of New York passed legislation requiring its CIO, Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, to gather information on the advantages and disadvantages of adopting either ODF or OOXML as a document standard, and to report her findings by 15 January 2008. As part of her…

WOC Update: Riky Gervais Gets Serious

Comedian Ricky Gervais has engaged in a debate about theology with the Archbishop of Canterbury – confessing at the end that he might have “blown his image” by taking life seriously. Gervais is more concerned that religious indoctrination is a form of brainwashing, and he has an interesting reason for thinking this.

WOC Update: Wiccans Advance in Green Bay

The uneasy alliance between Atheists and Wiccans in the War on Christmas paid off this week as a skirmish unfolded in Green Pay, Wisconsin.

He’s no Bing Crosby. No, he’s better.

THE front-running candidates in the 2008 US presidential election have released Christmas ads to voters, following the lead of one Republican hopeful who copped heavy criticism for his TV spot. Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher and state governor running for the Republican nomination, was the first candidate to release a holiday message to voters…

More on Euro-Creo Themepark

The AH Trust intends to spend seven million dollars to build a theme park and studio to “promote the account of the creation recorded in the biblical book of Genesis and to combat what it sees as the malign influence on society of Darwin’s theory of evolution” and to produce Christians films and TV shows.

Little battles are forming everywhere on the internet. Some wacko nutbag who just noticed the War on Christmas for the first time gets all spitty and spatty on the blog. This is picked up by our intelligence services and passed on to a ration, thoughtful atheist blogger, who humiliates the self righteous moron. It is…