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Why Accelerated Adaptive Evolution isn’t Faster Evolution

There’s been a whole lot of hype around the Hawks et al. paper describing a recent burst of adaptive evolution in the human genome. The problem is a lot of people are conflating accelerated adaptive evolution with accelerated evolution. Take this for example…

2007: The Global Hurricane Year

Okay–I realize the year isn’t over yet. But I figured it was close enough to start compiling some data on global hurricane activity. Using a cutoff of 35 knot maximum sustained wind speed to identify a storm, here’s what I get if you use the Unisys database to look at activity up through yesterday (and there is nothing new today)…

0.5% increase in the NIH budget next year!

.5%. Woohoo! High fives all around!

It is going to be another year of suck for NIH spending. The omnibus spending bill that has been passed by the House and Senate and is expected to be ratified by the President has the following in the matter of NIH funding:

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