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Two years ago, the S.C. state school board introduced creationist-friendly language into its science standards, mainly on the urging of Republican State Senator Mike Fair. This was part of the Wedge Strategy, and involved including language to “critically analyze” evolutionary theory. They were highly criticised at the time.

Bush Declares War on the Zombies

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For your WordPress Blog, your Movable Type Site, your PHP, your Hand Coded HTML, maybe even your Face Book or your MySpace site. I dunno. I think you can put this anywhere, even on your Grandma’s Refrigerator.

Gene Expression has the second in a pair of posts on race that is worth a close look. In Why phenotypic races may not disappear, G.E. speaks of the particulate nature of inheritance in relation to culturally defined racial types (that are in turn based on appearance).

Holiday Shopping Tip #5

Actual Giant Robot Spider

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The Sky is Falling

On Mars (they do have a sky there, right?) The planet Mars may be in for a collision from an asteroid headed its way. Scientists from NASA have been tracking the 160-foot-wide asteroid for some time now, and say the odds of it hitting the Red Planet are about 1 in 75. Back in 1908,…

One of the greatest minds of our day

The Year in ID …

I generally dislike year end reviews … they make me nervous somehow. But this is one I truly enjoyed and strongly recommend:

More Wiki Woes

Felon Became COO of Wikipedia Foundation from (AP) — The foundation that runs and accepts donations for – the online encyclopedia Wikipedia neglected to do a basic background check before hiring a chief operating officer who had been convicted of theft, drunken driving and fleeing a car accident. […]