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Mike the Mad Biologist nails down the Science behind the Aluminum Foil Hat.

Ed Brayton with More Details on that “Purity Siege”

More details are emerging about that CBN story about the “purity siege” and the alleged gay conversion that took place. This information comes from Warren Throckmorton, who is himself an anti-gay psychologist and advocate of anti-gay therapy (but a fairly respectable one who has criticized many of the more obvious frauds in this area. Dr. Throckmorton talked to all the people involved, including the CBN producers, and what he found paints an even worse picture of the situation.

PZ Myers has moved into Number 23 Position of All the Blogs in the World!!!! (or at least, the most important part of the blogosphere … the liberalites…

Yes, it’s getting near time to celebrate Darwin Day! Hop over to Discovering Biology in a Digital World to find out more:

Once again the Alliance for Science is sponsoring an essay contest for Darwin Day. If you download their suggestions for good essay writing, you can get your essay done over winter break and have a good crack at winning on those cash prizes!

All of the Entries for Open Lab 2007 … all of them … are now listed at Blog Around the Clock.

The deadline for submission of blog posts for the 2nd Science Blogging Anthology is over. We have received 468 entries (after deleting spam and duplicates – the total was 501) and a jury of 30+ judges has already started reading and grading the entries.

… now the hard work begins…

Check out this bit at Respectful Insolence; Paul Karason is blue, and an “alternative medicine” remedy, colloidal silver, made him that way… And we’re not talking blue as in sad or his baby done him wrong. We’re talkin’ blue as in dark blue, like it makes his denim shirt look white blue.


  1. #1 Virgil Samms
    December 22, 2007
  2. #2 Greg Laden
    December 22, 2007

    Virgil: Thanks for that link, it is very cool. Of course, god did not create them, but it’s still cool.