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What I’ve been looking for all morning …. a Link to the Twisted Chipmunk Christmas Song. Now I’m totally ready for the holidays!

Damn Those Christians…

Origin of Life on Earth

Huckabee Wantstabee Your Leader

Huckabee Alert: Ed Brayton discusses Huckabee’s recent assertion that the Ten Commandments for the basis of US Law… More Huckabee Absurdity

Redefining Human

From Oxford University Press Blog, regarding Aaron Filler’s recent, very controversial, and very interesting publications.

Scienceblogs Year in Review

“Will you remember ’07 as the year Open Access Publishing arrived? That Al Gore and the IPCC took home Nobel gold? How about the discovery of a possibly habitable planet just twenty light years away, or the day the Creation Museum near Cincinnati first opened its doors? Explore the top science stories of the past…

Are you going caroling tonight?

You might want to take along this song sheet of Atheist Christmas Carols.


Animal Cell with Violins

Cell Zoom In