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Dec 25 Isaac Newton (Sir) born in Grantham, England, 1642 Dec 25 Fellowship begins Quest Dec 25 Birthday of Quaid-i-Azam in Pakistan Dec 25 Children’s Day in Congo Dec 25 Christmas Dec 26 Chas. Babbage born, 1791 Dec 26 St Stephen (Boxing Day) Dec 26 DPMA founded, 1951 Dec 26 Boxing Day Dec 26 Feast…

War On Christmas Truce Talks Break Down

War on Christmas Update: Analysis

A chain was fastened around my waist and I was handcuffed to the chain. Then my legs were placed in chains. I asked for permission to make a telephone call but they refused. So secured, I was taken from the airport terminal in full sight of everybody. I have seldom felt so bad, so humiliated…

War on Christmas Equals War on Birthday

War on Christmas Update