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Science Debate 2008 Recent Blog Reactions

A New Topic for Debate Science advocate group calls for US candidate debate – Summary Make science part of debate Science and the Candidates A Call for a Presidential Debate on Science and Technology Policy Capitol Notes: Your tax dollars at work on the farm Academics Urge Debate on Science Issues Let’s have a presidential…

Happy Birthday Charles Babbage

Thank you for inventing the computer!

Linnaeus’ Legacy: Send Me your Posts!

Linnaeus’ Legacy is “a monthly blog carnival devoted to the study of life’s diversity, and the science of describing and understanding this diversity.” The home page for the carnival is here. The current issue of Linnaeus’ Legacy is at Laelaps. The reason I’m telling you all this is to get you excited about the next…

151st Carnival of Education

is Here, on History is Elementary

This is bad: They are now going to turn the control of the world’s petroleum supplies over to robots.

Hero Robot Now Available

Remember Heathkit? Then you are old. Anyway, Heathkit was a company that produced electronic devices (such as stereos). They were generally good, high quality devices that you could get much cheaper than market value, but they would arrive in the mail in pieces … totally unassembled, and sometimes with a free soldering iron.

Many New Species from the Tasman Sea

This is not new, but it is cool: The NORFANZ sea sampling project. What is a little new is that many of these species are claimed on some crazy web site to have washed ashore during the Christmas Tsunami three years ago. That is not true….

One person has been killed and two others injured after a tiger escaped from its cage at San Francisco Zoo. All of the victims were visitors to the zoo, a spokesman for San Francisco emergency services said. The Siberian tiger, named Tatiana, was the same one that mauled a keeper just before Christmas last year.…

South Carolina Textbook Controversy

You already know about the controversy in South Carolina. Now is your opportunity to put in your two cents.

No, not here, this is not the National Geographic Blog. Here, at the National Geographic Blog… But wait, don’t go there yet, I want to make a quick comment…