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Texas Newspaper Favors Creationists

The Texas Newspaper Star-Telegram has published a series of barely articulate rants regarding evolution (hat tip IIDB).

Victory for Open Access!

Yesterday, President Bush signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2007 (H.R. 2764) which, among else, mandates the repository of all NIH-funded research into PubMedCentral within at most 12 months after publication…. Read all about it at Blog around the Clock

Egyptian Goose

Alopochen aegyptiacus … note, this is Egyptian goose, not Egypt goose. But it is Canada goos goose, not Canadian goose.

[Hat Tip: Thinking for Free]

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… about creationism.

Science News Tidbits

fruit fly The FOXO factor and curing cancer; The Deep Sea is Doomed; Life in extreme environments; Bird Flu kills four-year old boy; Fruit fly sex;

Vote for your favorite Cassini Image

Since Cassini arrived in the Saturn system nearly four years ago, our cameras have recorded the most spectacular, most moving, most heart-stoppingly lovely scenes of any to be found in our solar system. We all have our favorite Cassini images. Now, here is your chance to vote for yours. Here’s mine: Cast Your Vote

Tatiana Is Telling us Something

TatianaThe killing of one visitor and maiming of two others by Tatiana, a Tiger, in the S.F. Zoo raises questions that go far beyond one cat and three victims. One might ask: Should there even be zoos?

Gorilla gorilla Rwanda introduces ‘gorilla tax’ from Rwandan companies using the country’s famous mountain gorillas’ image for marketing purposes will have to pay a tax aimed at financing the endangered species protection, officials announced Monday. […]

Truth, Lies and Public Health

Truth, Lies, and Public Health: How We Are Affected When Science and Politics Collide Truth, Lies, and Public Health: How We Are Affected When Science and Politics Collide is a new book exploring the interaction between science and politics in the public health arena. I have not read it and am not recommending for or…