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… about creationism.

Laelaps demonstrates that Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics is proven in the bible, and thus must become part of Creationism. The irony, however, (which I think Brian does not comment on) is that this would not mean that Darwin was wrong. Darwin was ambiguous about inheritance to a sufficient extent that the Bible conflicts here with Neo-Darwinism, which is a concept utterly ignored by creationists.

The Daily Kos makes the claim that the fight for excellence in science education in Florida is over, because the Flying Spaghetti Monster followers (the Pastafarians) have shamed the intelligent design supporters on the school board into backing down. I wish it were so easy.

PZ Myers got mad at Slimy Sal for calling him an ass. Then, as he read the rest of Slimy Sals post and discovered that he ALSO called him a “sweety pie deep down” he got REALLY mad.

Also from PZ, I had earlier mentioned a British Creationist Theme Park, and PZ’s latest post on this indicates that the whole thing is coming apart at the seams. But don’t count on that. We can’t afford complacently.

Sandwalk reports
on the latest Jesus survey. Seventy five percent believe that Jesus was born to a virgin (a question asked and answered of bloggers, you will recall); Sixty four percent believe the earth was covered by a flood, also addressed elsewhere recently, and so on.

Larry’s post is definitively Anti-American. I mean, really, Larry, it’s the same in Canada! Sampling Americans is pretty much the same thing as sampling North Americans in general, right?

Hey I would have assumed that creationists, being good christians and all, would be, well, good christians and all. Well, fuck me, it ain’t so, it turns out. They lie and cheat worse than anyone else. Goodness me.