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How to be popular

… about the Dover decision and judicial independence.

How to organize your papers

I would like to respond to a post, Ask Science Woman: How do I organize journal articles?, by Science Woman. I think this is a very important topic for all aspiring scholars. Science Woman’s advice is excellent. I have just a few suggestions to add.

First, have a look at this (warning, large file): wow It is a PDF file of the unrooted mammal evolution tree that came from this research. Now, here is a question for you. There is a rumor that this graphic or something like it has been converted to a poster for sale. Anybody know where…

Techno Tips and News

Text based internet browsing; Brute-force dual booting; Gnome may kill KDE; Backup your Linux stuff.

Science News Tidbits

From Bird Flu to Global Warming…

World’s Oldest Known Orangutan Dies

Nonja, who was born on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and lived in Miami since 1983, was found dead Saturday morning, said Ron Magill, spokesman for the Miami Metro Zoo. “Everybody’s very sad, especially with an animal like an orangutan,” Magill said. “You see a lot of yourself in these animals. The great apes are…

Yet another size and scale video

I like the way this address spacetime instead of merely space. Or time . Do you recognize the languages i the background?

Perhaps there is a god

A town full of crazy people in Louisanna got fed up with having their telephone exchange be “666” because of the link between this sequence of numbers and the devil. So they got their exchanged changed to 749. This is very funny.