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In 1998, 13 year old Mitchell Johnson and his 11 year old buddy Andrew Golden gunned down four students aged 11 and 12 and English Teacher Shannon Wright, and wounded 10 other people, at Jonesboro Westside Middle School. They had pulled the fire alarm to bring their victims into this trap.

Tatiana Update

Tatiana was the tiger that leaped from its enclosure in the San Francisco Zoo, killing one and wounding others. Details of the investigation have been released, and apparently, the tiger was taunted.

I wish we had more details of this story, but this is what we know so far:

Are We In The Anthropocene? No.

Proposals to give the latter part of the present geological period (the Holocene) a new name … the Anthropocene … are misguided, scientifically invalid, and obnoxious. However, there is a use for a term that is closely related to “Anthropocene” and I propose that we adopt that term instead.

Evolution, Adaptation, and Robustness

Great microbiologists

Can you hear me wee beastie? Can you hear me?

This is a very interesting guest post at Remote Central: All species vary through time and space. You don’t necessarily look the same as any one of your ancestors. Therefore “like begets like” but each individual can be a bit different. It is impossible for a sperm whale to evolve from a bowl of petunias,…

“Not everyone can do what we do..”

I’m talking about herdin’ cats, bro

Paola Antonelli: Treating design as art

Paola Antonelli, design curator at New York’s MOMA, wants to spread an appreciation of design, in all shapes and forms — and to remove any stigma of it being considered mere decoration. She takes the TED2007 audience on a whistlestop tour of some design exhibitions she has organized, including “Mutant Materials,” “Workspheres” and “Safe.”

Biology of Color Preference

Color is funny. Anthropologists have long known that different cultures have different relationships, linguistically and in day to day practice, to the color spectrum. For example, the Efe Pygmy Hunter-Gatherers of the Ituri Forest describe things as white, black, or red, and that’s it. They live in a world of green. Going with the model…