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Eight Years in Review

It might be fun to have a beer with this guy. But what happens when he says something really funny and the beer comes up through you nose…

Happy Birthday Paul Revere

Science News: Health

Beer May Cure Cancer; Prostrate Cancer Protein; Vomit Inducing Infection Strikes Cursed Cruise Ship;

Linux Tips and News

Installing Linux on a Macbook Pro; KDE – to be or not to be; Microsoft Developing … WTF?; Tricking out Gimp; Cool, or possibly utterly useless, Firefox add-in

Happy Birthday JD Salinger

Happy Birthday JD Salinger

Science News Tidbits: Environment

Dead Fish in Durban Caused by Chemical Spills; Minnesota Wolves Appear in New Video Game;

Thank you, St. Petersburg Times

It is fun, and appropriate, to slam local newspapers that uncritically regurgitate yahooistic creationist rhetoric. But when the local papers display fits of rational thinking, we should praise them.

My Linux Calendar

Today’s Linux Calendar.

Science News Tidbits

Helium Running Out?;