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Linux Software

Desktop Publishing; Running MS Office; Some Games

HowTo Vote

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Science News Tidbits

New brain map; Climate Change and Night Clouds

Science News – Heath

Obesity and Seatbelt Use; Epilepsy; Asthma

In Stockholm, the heat will be sucked out of the bodies of the thousands of people who pass through the Central Railway station to heat the buildings.

Laden Interviewed by Sb

Hey, go read my interview on Page 3.14! It may clear up some mysteries. Or maybe not.

Stoopid News

This is the inaugural post in a new category I call “Stoopid News.”

Genetic Diversity Video

No friends? Not even a pet? Feeling lonely? Can’t get a date? Get Python Solitaire. It will run on any system that has Python. Python is run of the mill for Linux installations, is used a lot on Macs, and is available for Windows.