In Stockholm, the heat will be sucked out of the bodies of the thousands of people who pass through the Central Railway station to heat the buildings.

“So many people go through the Central Station … We want to harness some of the warmth they produce to help heat the new building,” Karl Sundholm, of the Swedish state-held property administration company Jernhuset, told AFP.


A quarter of a million people pass through the station daily, which should provide a lot of heat. Normally, their body heat, and their body odor, is vented from the building. Once the new system is installed, the heat will be recycled. The body odor will presumably be extracted for other uses.

The new system will be very inexpensive, about 200,000 kronor.

I think this is a very bad idea. Once the Robots take over, they will surely calculate the value of human body heat and make us all run on treadmills in train stations, converting the heat to electricity using devious robotic technologies.


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    January 3, 2008

    And hot women will have more value than the rest of us, and will be always getting their way.