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Evo Creo Poll

Thoughtful analysis on a recent poll regarding Evolution vs. Creationism.


Taurotragus oryx, Kalahari, South Africa.

Sodium-Potassium Pump Simulation

This teaching simulation of the Sodium Potassium pump just showed up in my inbox. Have a look.

Too Much Drinking, Too Much Eating

Piles of research on alcohol; a little research on obesity.

New research published in Science on the origins of multicellular life reveals an interesting pattern. The Cambrian Explosion may have been samosamo.

Welcome to a New Science Blogger

Have a look at Chris’s new blog, here, which will focus on Environmental Heatlh and stuff.

Analyze Everything keeps an eye on energy policy in Kansas, and is happily reporting the following: Not only did the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment make Kansas the first state to deny the construction of a new power plant based solely on greenhouse emissions, it turns out Kansans are totally on-board. This is…

Daily alcohol use by males has been shown to increase sexual arousal and decrease sexual inhibition.

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

Larry Moran has gone ballistic (that may not be the right word) with a series of posts on people changing their mind. This is the latest one: Changing Your Mind: Are Humans Evolving? Blogfish is calling for a repeal of the Law of Gravity, or if not that, a recognition that gravity is real. Either…

Blogospherics – Sb Recommended reads

Some Politics: The Daily Transcript: My 2 cents on the Iowa caucus Framing Science: Huckabee: The Greatest Communicator Since Reagan Robots: Living the Scientific Life: Flight of the Microrobotic Fly Doing Science Respectful Insolence: When human subjects protection stifles innovation The World’s Fair: Scientific Objectivity has a History. About Science: Evolving Thoughts: Intermediate concepts in…