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Science News Tidbits

Bird Flu; Cloned Cows in the US; Red Hat goes after Microsoft; Baby Mammoth; Balloons (presumably carrying robots) achieve flight record over Antarctic

The Best Analysis I’ve Seen of Iowa

New Open Access Paleontology Journal

Its name is, unfortunately, “Open Paleontology Journal.” Reminds me of the Soviet/Communist Era in Asia, where such a journal might have been named “The People’s Paleontology Journal.” Details are here.

It turns out that Huckabee …

Huckabee On Evolution

In the wake of his Iowa victory, Mike Huckabee is doing the news and talk show circuit. Here are his comments this AM on evolution.

Pope Evicts Astronomers

Pope Evicts Astronomers Science is to make way for diplomacy at the Pope’s summer residence, with the dismantling of the astronomical observatory that has been part of Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome, for more than 75 years. The Pope needs more room to receive diplomats so the telescopes have to go. The eviction of the…

The cat’s out of the bag…

The recent release of the NAS tome on evolution, and how evolution is good and creationist is bad, has been picked up by the religious community. It was only a matter of time before they noticed.

The National Academy of Sciences has issued the third version of its book “Science, Evolution and Creationism,” in which it makes an effort to reconcile belief in god with acceptance of evolution.

La Nina may cool Earth a little; The impact of biofuels; North Atlantic Warming is Complex

An update on the hearings.