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Micro vs. Macro Evolution

I don’t like the definition of macro vs. micro evolution. But I do enjoy the way this video makes fun of creation science proponents.

Creepy Alginate spheres

Blueberry syrup, sodium alginate and calcium chloride is all you need to make these spheres that look a little like caviar.

MIT finds key to avian flu in humans

From a Massachusetts Institute of Technology press release: researchers have uncovered a critical difference between flu viruses that infect birds and humans, a discovery that could help scientists monitor the evolution of avian flu strains and aid in the development of vaccines against a deadly flu pandemic.

As E.O. Wilson accepts his 2007 TED Prize, he makes a plea on behalf of his constituents, the insects and small creatures, to learn more about our biosphere. We know so little about nature, he says, that we’re still discovering tiny organisms indispensable to life; yet we’re still steadily destroying nature. Wilson identifies five grave…

Just Science 2008 is not for me.

I have nothing against anybody who does this, but I have some negative feelings about the whole idea. The idea is for bloggers to take a “science only” pledge for the week of February 4th.

My Linux Calendar

Jan 06 Millard Fillmore’s birthday (let’s party!) Jan 06 Children’s Day in Uruguay Jan 06 Belgium becomes a federal state, 1993 Jan 07 Christmas in Ethiopia Jan 07 Pioneer’s Day in Liberia

Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, talks about our new wave of overprotected kids — and spells out 5 (and really, he’s got 6) dangerous things you should let your kids do. Allowing kids the freedom to explore, he says, will make them stronger and smarter and actually safer.

Accepting his 2006 TED Prize, Cameron Sinclair demonstrates how passionate designers and architects can respond to world housing crises. The motto of his group, Architecture for Humanity, is “Design like you give a damn.” Using a litany of striking examples, he shows how AFH has helped find creative solutions to humanitarian crises all over the…

Linnaeus’ Legacy # 3

Welcome to the third edition of Linnaeus’ Legacy, a monthly carnival celebrating the diversity of life on this planet, and the methods we use to understand it. The home page for this carnival is here, and the last edition (#2) is posted here. The next edition will be held at The Other 95%.

What is the relationship between what happens in these two early primary races and what actually happens later on in the election cycle?