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Electoral Compass

I will not be outdone by my fellow bloggers 3-quarks, Thoughts from Kansas, Pure Pedantry and A Blog Around the Clock. They are all putting up these “electoral compass things” where you ask a bunch of questions and get in return a graph showing where you are in relation to the US presidential candidates.

An Einstein Ring is one of those freaky relativistic predictions that can’t possibly be true unless Einstein was right. Well, Einstein Rings have been observed in the past, and now, we have a double Einstein Ring. Doubly proving that Einstein was right!

New Twist in microRNA biology

MIT scientists have found a new way that DNA can carry out its work that is about as surprising as discovering that a mold used to cast a metal tool can also serve as a tool itself, with two complementary shapes each showing distinct functional roles. Professor Manolis Kellis and postdoctoral research fellow Alexander Stark…

Gemina is Dead

Gemina (pronunced Gem eee na) the Crocket Neck Giraffe died for reasons unrelated to her neck. We prefer to remember Gemina in life rather than as, well, a dead giraffe. Details of her death are here.

It’s Friday, so Here’s a Cat Video

Translation below the fold…

Unexpected Black Holes

This just in from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has detected plump black holes where least expected — skinny galaxies. … Scientists have long held that all galaxies except the slender, bulgeless spirals harbor supermassive black holes at their cores. Furthermore, bulges were thought to be required for black holes to grow.…

The latest on the Florida fight over the use of the actual word “evolution” in the classroom. (Or, more specifically, in the science standards)

Interplanetary collision called off

An asteroid heading for Mars is going to miss the angry red planet. Too bad, that would have been cool. But there is a very cool graphic that results from the science surrounding this non event. This is a moving GIF showing the evolution over time of the uncertainty region for the collision. You can…

More Florida Creationism Woes

Sure, the Taylor County school board was apparently the first to pass a resolution complaining about evolution, but they’re not the only one. Two more counties passed resolutions, too: Baker County and Holmes County. Florida Citizens for Science and Dispatches from the Culture Wars are covering this.

The Island Effect in Dinosaurs

Everyone these days knows about the “island effect” where certain animals evolve to a diminutive size because they live on islands. You know this because of the Flores hominid. Now, it has been shown to have operated in a dinosaur.