Baby Orangutan

There is a new baby orangutan born at the Como Zoo in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I mention this for the edification of my local readers (who probably already know about it) and not as a statement of support or opposition to zoos, orangutans, or babies.

Details, including photographs, here on Science Buzz.


  1. #1 the real cmf
    January 15, 2008

    Spot the fallacies in this phrase, taken from the Como Zoo’s news page about the baby orang?

    “On Christmas Day, keepers passed the baby off to mom and her natural maternal instincts were immediately apparent.”

    One: the Orangs are not Catholic, though the majority of Como’s contributors are, and thus, he is probably NOT the re-incarntation of the baby jeebus.

    Two: “natural maternal instincts”? 😉

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    January 15, 2008

    he is probably NOT the re-incarntation of the baby jeebus.

    But how can you be sure of this?

  3. #3 the real cmf
    January 15, 2008

    Greg, its a no brainer! I can be sure because
    1)the demographic of the Como Zoo patron list is largely Catholic (c’mon. its in SAINT Paul!!), but ALSO has Lutheran,Jewish, Presbyterian, Protestant, AND atheist donors, patrons and sponsors, making it *impossible* for him to be reincarnated on THAT night, there, in that demographic. But he does bear a striking resemblance to opther prophets in the Bible…Noah had a beard, Moses, etc….
    2) the Three Wise Men were over in front of Saint Aggies parish earlier in the day, AND
    3)Markisa, his mother, DID not attend that school! (Everyone knows that the Saint Paul virgins go to Saint Aggies, and THEN to Saint Catherines!)

    I will concede that I can’t really *swear* that he *isn’t* the new Messiah until he is circumcised, or NOT circumcised.