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Science News Tidbits

US Births Up; Emergency Room Waits Longer; Nasa Seeking Better Moon Ride; New Bird Flu Outbreak; Distant Galaxy Has Life Stuff; Cool Underwater Volcano;

Texas higher education officials announced today that they have postponed action on a Bible-oriented group’s proposal to offer a master’s degree in science education. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board had been scheduled to consider the proposal by the Dallas-based Institute for Creation Research at a meeting Jan. 24. But Eddy Miller, dean of the…

Strange Keyboards

This is a virtual keyboard, just a laser image on your desk. See the others in the list of 10 Strange Keyboards, here.

Just In Case

It’s pretty easy to get stuck without a bottle opener … But you’ve always got a chainsaw handy….

If there’s a sense of déjà vu permeating a rather massive corporate campus in Redmond, Washington right now, it wouldn’t be surprising. The European Commission, which regulates competition for the European Union, today announced a brand new antitrust investigation against Microsoft. Read about it here.

From Americans United for the Separation of Church and State: A church-produced evangelical Christian movie is aimed at evangelism and is inappropriate for public schools, Americans United for Separation of Church and State has told Alabama educators. After receiving complaints, Americans United has urged officials at Tuscaloosa City Schools to stop showing the film “Facing…

Minnesota is, as my cousin from Colorado was telling me the other day, one of the irrelevant states in the current presidential primary process. Maybe so. But the process is not irrelevant with respect to other issues at hand. Everybody I know is tired of our senior Senator, Norm Coleman, but we also like the…

Open Lab 2007

…an anthology of great posts from the science bloosphere, is now available for you to enjoy. Please visit this post to get all the details.

Campaign Update

The Latest Political News from key sources such as PZ Myers and Jon Stewart.

Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase’s investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. Along the way, he’s made some unexpected discoveries: about the novel ways illiterate people interface with their cellphones, or the role the cellphone can sometimes play in commerce, or…