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Look Around You – 4 – Ghosts

Science News Tidbits: Biology

U.S. will not help Jaguars; Home Aquariums Hurt Corals; Life-saving Plants Going Extinct;

Look around you: Math

Educational on line learning: Math. Have your copy book ready:

Evolution, Cuisine and Romance

The Bell Museum, in Minneapolis, will sponsor a Valentine’s Day Cafe Scientifique that will be especially close to my heart …

The National Science Board this week said leading science and engineering indicators tell a mixed story regarding the achievement of the US in science, research and development, and math in international comparisons. For example, US schools continue to lag behind internationally in science and math education. On the other hand, the US is the largest,…

Minneapolis: Ritmos Unidos Tonight

The World of Emetrece Productions presents: “Ritmos Unidos” 3rd Annual Afro-Latin Tribute to MLK Day Featuring Maria Isa & Cubanía Sunday, January 20th, 2008 // First Avenue Main Room Doors 8PM // Show 9PM – 2AM // $8 Advance // $10 Door // 18+ In remembrance of King’s legacy, “Ritmos Unidos” celebrates the hyphen between…

Florida Science Standards Current Links

Florida State Board of Education (Panda’s thumb) Ignorance By Design: Florida School Board Resolutions (Panda’s Thumb) What’s your school board like? (Pharyngula) Where did those anti-evolution resolutions come from? (Panda’s Thumb)

As promised, I have more on the memorandum written by Francis Grubbs and David Gibbs. Grubbs is some kind of quack pseudo-scientist, and Gibbs is some kind of shyster lawyer, apparently. The memorandum is interesting … the real meat of it is buried in the last several paragraphs, so don’t fall asleep reading it! I’ve…

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have found that a naturally occurring peptide known for its antibacterial action can also inhibit viral infection.

Is a Florida Church Acting Illegally?

Apropos the fight over excellent science education (as opposed to creationism) in Florida schools, is it OK for a church, which I presume has religious non profit status, to engage actively in an attempt to sway elected officials?