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The Robots Lie!

Holy crap! The Age of The Machines is nigh: a bunch of scientists in Switzerland have created learning robots that can lie to each other. Okay, so they don’t swill beer or put bends in girders–they just communicate to each other with benign flashing lights, thank goodness, instead of using lasers to destroy humans: The…

Gene Genie # 24

The Blog Carnival … is HERE at biomarker-driven mental health 2.0

Crazy Floridians

For your amusement, a selection from the public comments on the fight over science standards in Florida.

Hear the truth (Happy Birthday MLK)

Today’s Linux Calendar Output

Jan 21 Lenin died, 1924 Jan 21 Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson born in Clarksburg, VA, 1824 Jan 21 Our Lady of Altagracia in Dominican Republic Jan 21* Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia (3rd Monday) Jan 21* Robert E. Lee’s Birthday in Alabama & Mississippi (3rd Monday) Jan 21* Martin Luther King Day (3rd Monday of January)…

Science News Tidbits

Polynesians Not Close to Melanesians; Bird Flu in India; HIV; Tree Ant Elephant Relationship Gone Bad

Cyber attacks caused blackouts?

The CIA on Friday admitted that cyberattacks have caused at least one power outage affecting multiple cities outside the United States. Interesting…

Don’ t drive drunk. Don’t let this happen to you!

New Web Carnival: Berry Go Round

Berry Go Round is a new web carnival. It is … A plant’s Carnival, to be hosted at Seedsaside by the end of january 2008. Please submit your best posts before the 25th of January. Send contributions to seedsaside[at]…

Sources at Google have disclosed that the humble domain,, will soon provide a home for terabytes of open-source scientific datasets. The storage will be free to scientists and access to the data will be free for all. The project, known as Palimpsest and first previewed to the scientific community at the Science Foo camp…