Dutch artist Theo Jansen demonstrates his amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures, built from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His “Strandbeests” (Beach Creatures) are built to move and even survive on their own.


  1. #1 the real cmf
    January 23, 2008

    All that and no duct tape?? That is the most clever BMW commercial I have ever seen…
    so, if there is no G-d why does he say that the bugs are built using ‘the eleven holy numbers’? Or, is HE g-d??!!

  2. #2 True human
    January 27, 2009

    At last! someone found a good use of plastic?

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  3. I must say that he has got a great creative mind.He has shown that used plastics are of also good use if done properly.
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