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Look Around You – 0 – Calcium (1/2)

In a preview of his next book, Steven Pinker takes on violence. We live in violent times, an era of heightened warfare, genocide and senseless crime. Or so we’ve come to believe. Pinker charts a history of violence from Biblical times through the present, and says modern society has a little less to feel guilty…

New Hominid Skull in China

So far no reliable reports seem to be available of a new and potentially interesting, but not necessarily earth-shattering, find in China.

Blogospherics – Recommended reads

Texas Has An Undue Influence on Textbooks I have heard that what gets published for Texas schools affects that which gets published for schools around the nation. And considering that Texas politics and school board make up is being swallowed by creationism (fight back, y’all,) well that just isn’t a right thing. Look at what…

Science News Tidbits

Cranberries for Urinary Infections; Promising Malaria Vaccine; Space Boomerang; Leptin Evolution; Will Global Warming Reduce US Hurricane Landfalls?; 15 Whales Die in New Zealand

This was one of many questions debated at the Second Annual Scientific Blogging Conference in North Carolina this weekend which I attended together with over 200 other folks who work in scientific communication. When I told my friends I was going to North Carolina this weekend to attend a blogging conference they either said, “cool…

C plus C plus plus equals D

For the geeks only: An overview of D, a programming language that gloms C and C++. Here.

Send Me Your Blog Stuff

Four Stone Hearth is the four field Anthropology Blog Carnival. I”m hosting it on January 30th. Please send me your anthropology stuff! Email Me Here

LOL Yahoo

Check out Tangled Up in Blue Guy’s LOL creationist school board yahoo, here.

Technology News

Fixing your Fotos; More on Y2K38; KDE 4