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Blurry vision and aging: How older eyes cope

Take a look at this slideshow (QuickTime required). You’ll first see a photo in perfect focus. Then 12 more pictures will flash by, each of them blurred using Photoshop. Finally, the original photo will appear again. Is it the same as before, or slightly blurrier or sharper?

Do you know what this is????


Lunartalks needs your help in ID’ing this Jurassic fossil. Me I think it is where a triceratops kissed the mud and left an imprint.

Welcome to Scleritome Week: The Little Nets

I’m still pretty excited about the articulated machaeridian I wrote about last week. So excited, in fact, that to commemorate that significant discovery I’m declaring this week to be Scleritome Week here at Catalogue of Organisms. Each day this week I’ll introduce you to a new Palaeozoic fossil animal of a kind no longer with us today.

… cool. You can bet I’ll be reading this blog every day.

Oliver Stone Votes for ‘Bush’ Project

I cannot believe that Oliver Stone is going to make a movie about Bush. One needs only to do a Web search for “Stone” and “Bush” to find plenty of the director’s critical comments about the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq. Despite that, the director said he’s not looking to make an anti-Bush polemic. His goal is to use seminal events in Bush’s life to explain how he came to power.

3D Medical Records

Usually when we think of electronic medical records (EMR) as being three-dimensional, we think of the relational aspect of databases. Researchers at IBM, however, are testing a different concept.