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Texas Has An Undue Influence on Textbooks

I have heard that what gets published for Texas schools affects that which gets published for schools around the nation. And considering that Texas politics and school board make up is being swallowed by creationism (fight back, y’all,) well that just isn’t a right thing. Look at what happens to health text books in Texas…

‘Cultural studies’ as a term of abuse

In my neck of the woods ‘cultural studies’ is a term of abuse. In fact it functions a bit like the phrase ‘family values’ but in reverse. ‘Family Values’ is a completely amorphous concept, but being labeled with it means (in certain circles) that You Win, while managing to make the term ‘cultural studies’ stick to what someone else does is–regardless of what this term actually means–means They Loose.

Lovely Larvae

Mmmm…..these look very yummy! The really amazing detail includes spiracles, and on some, ocelli. Thanks to Laughing Squid for the info on this bakery in Japan. Visit LS for more links and photos. Strangely enough, despite being a very good copy of a scarab beetle larva, there are no actual insect parts inside.

What’s wrong with this figure? (Round three).

In the process of finishing up a paper, I came across this figure….[Okay, just go read the post…]