Lee Salisbury, a former evangelical preacher, comments on evolution and creationism.

He starts with this:

Creationism seems to be gaining credence far beyond its actual influence in the world of science. Even American presidential candidates, lest they offend the religious right, reject evolution in favor of creationism. Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson and Mit Romney endorse creationism.

And ends with this:

Creationists are quite explicit in their stated goals, and there is little room for doubt their true intentions. The true mission of creationism is theocracy. Thus exposed, the need to fight it on all fronts, scientific, philosophical, theological, administrative and judicial, is made even more clear. There is no higher imperative if we mean to preserve America’s intellectual freedom.

And the parts in between are very much worth a read. Go here.


  1. #1 Anne Gilbert
    January 29, 2008

    There are certainly people in the fundamentalist world, who want to impose theocracy on the United States. And some of them are quite influential in certain quarters, at least behind the scenes. But I also tend to think a lot of people outside the fundamentalist circle, so to speak, are quite well aware of this.
    Anne G

  2. #2 natural cvynic
    January 29, 2008

    I believe that Romney supported evolution [in the debate show-of-hands]. Tancredo and Paul are creationists.