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Lee Salisbury, a former evangelical preacher, comments on evolution and creationism.

Ethical Implications of Robots in War

From Slashdot: Schneier points out an interesting (and long, 117-pages) paper on the ethical implications of robots in war: “This report has provided the motivation, philosophy, formalisms, representational requirements, architectural design criteria, recommendations, and test scenarios to design and construct an autonomous robotic system architecture capable of the ethical use of lethal force. These first…

UC Berkeley biologist Sheila Patek gives a wide-ranging talk on the effort to measure the hyperfast movements of peacock mantis shrimp heels using high-speed video cameras recording at 20,000 frames per second. She and her team slowed down the movements of these amazing animals and showed they had the fastest known feeding strike in the…

And neither does a lot of proprietary technology. But the possibility that ads will show up on either type of technology is obviously very different. Now, we are about to see add supported P2P services.

Satellite may hit earth

You’ve probably already heard that a US spy satellite known as USA-193 is no longer able to keep itself up because the software on board has failed. This is a secret spy satellite so we don’t at present know what the software was (any guesses?). It is big enough to not totally burn up in…

Sea lions massacred in Galapagos

Ecuadorean officials are investigating the slaughter of 53 sea lions from the Galapagos Islands nature reserve, which were found with their heads caved in. [source] Thanks, Coturnix, for the tip.

Larry Craig, or as we call him in Minnesota, Happy Feet Larry, stepped in where Michelle Bachmann could not perform, in an overt act of erotic love with the President of the United States, George Bush.

Popup Books

“The first witness called by attorneys for the parents was Dr. Kenneth Miller”

Guitarist and singer Raul Midon performs “All the Answers” in a world premiere at TED2007. “This is a song I wrote about the meaning of technology,” he says, and he asks his listeners: What will we do with all this information we have at our fingertips? He follows with the sprightly “Tembererana.”