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HHMIs Stem Cells

Flock of Dodos Extras

You’ve heard of the movie Flock of Dodo’s. … But have you seen the out takes? Me neither. But I do have this for you (warning: Includes PZ Myers Footage)… (Do wait for the end. The best bit is at the end. Don’t miss it!!!!!)

Don’t get too close…

Mercury Has been Copyrighted

NASA will no longer be making photographs from its latest Mercury probe available on the internet. Recent evidence from the nearest planet to the sun (that we know about) clearly indicates that the planet has been copyrighted. Legal experts are working on the case now, but feel that a resolution is unlikely. Even stranger evidence…

Romney Exposed as Tolerant

[hat tip: Salad is Slaughter]

Free Ticket to Saturn and Titan

You can fly, without leaving the comfort of your own computer, to Saturn and its moon Titan. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and CIT have a bit of software and data that lets you climb on board the Cassini Huygens mission.

Blogospherics – Recommended reads

How Internet Explorer became as wonky as the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a post by Charles Arthur exploring the historical and technological reasons that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, well, kinda sucks and is a big pain in the butt for all of us. The Divine Afflatus explores the role of divine inspiration (like, God talks…

Thank You Katherine, Hello Ginny

This may mean little to most of you, but there is a behind the scenes change at Science Blogs, and I wanted to acknowledge the hard work that some people are doing that you don’t get to see when you merely read our blogs.


[Hat Tip: Ancora Imparo]

Wine is good for you

Grapes of gnash: Pomace, the residue of red winemaking, may help prevent tooth decay Red wine has long been known to contain a substance, resveratrol, that is heart-healthy. Now research shows that both red wine grapes and winemaking residue, known as pomace, contain substances that may help prevent tooth decay.