Blogospherics – Recommended reads

How Internet Explorer became as wonky as the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a post by Charles Arthur exploring the historical and technological reasons that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, well, kinda sucks and is a big pain in the butt for all of us.

The Divine Afflatus explores the role of divine inspiration (like, God talks to you and shit) in the increasingly popular Dismemberment Movement.

Please go help Afarensis with his Banner Contest.

Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist’s Fairy Tale explores Flood Follies by Creationists.

Pharyngula has the audio of the famous Myers Simmons Debate. He also has some rather unflattering remarks about the web site Uncommon Descent.

Then we have Peer reviewer behaving badly (and why it matters) at Adventures in Ethics, Frightening Diseases of the Mind at Omni Brain, and a nice piece on the crocodylian Montealtosuchus arrudacamposi at Laelaps.