Thank You Katherine, Hello Ginny

This may mean little to most of you, but there is a behind the scenes change at Science Blogs, and I wanted to acknowledge the hard work that some people are doing that you don’t get to see when you merely read our blogs.

Katherine Sharpe was the editor and blog herder who recruited me to Science Blogs, and as far as I know she has been there since the beginning of time (but I have no way of knowing that). Think about this for a second. She is in charge of all of the science bloggers. You must realize that, since we are a pretty diverse bunch of egomaniacal dysfunctional poorly behaved and slightly dangerous miscreants, that is pretty difficult, but she has carried out her duties to outstanding effect, and we all have the highest respect for her. Katherine is moving on to bigger and better things, starting Monday, and we all wish her well.

Also leaving is Jocelyn (we are not allowed to know her last name), Katherine’s intern.

Replacing Katherine will be Virginia Hughes. I’m not sure how they talked Ginny into taking this job, I think she may have been drugged or tazered or something. Ginny has been working with us since, as far as I know, the beginning of time (at least since before last October) and we are all really happy that she is our new wrangler.

And go visit her blog, it’s quite nice (you may already know it from my blog roll).

Thanks, Katherine, and welcome Ginny!


  1. #1 Coturnix
    February 1, 2008

    This guy has no idea how good he has it….