Archives for February 2, 2008

The Google Summer of Code is a project run by Google which matches up ideas, programmers (focusing on students) and OpenSource development project to advance the technology.

Giant Spider Found on Planet Mercury

This looks like a photograph of a mountain, possibly a volcano, with natural drainage systems emanating from it. But it is not.

The Physics of Tatiana

Tatiana was the captive Siberian Tiger who, on Christmas Day, leaped out of her cave to attack teenage boys who were taunting her. She killed one of them. Zookeepers are investigating how she did it, considering the possibility that the wall of her enclosure was not high enough (technically, it was lower than recommended height…

Solanum tuberosum, is an American cultivar related to the tomato and the eggplant (Remarkably, they are all in the same genus, but rarely to all three appear in the same dish). Potatoes, the lovely underground storage organ (USO) without which we would not have French Fries, or dipping chips to eat during the Super Bowl,…

Happy Birthday The Space Age

or at least, the US Space Age. And belated (sorry, The Space Age, please don’t get mad at me!)

The Real Story on Jet Packs

“all human beings would like to be able to fly–not by plane or helicopter or oversize cannon, but strapped to a thunderous gadget with intuitive controls” So, what’s the problem with getting a functioning jet back off the ground? According a recent piece in Popular Mechanics, “everything.”

That’s one way to turn French Onion Dip into Frenched Onion Dip. A Clemson University Professor has tested George’s Conundrum, also known as the Seinfeld Hypothesis of Germ Theory. You know the story, and in case you don’t, watch it here:

Of his time on the Beagle (1832 – 1836), Darwin wrote, “The voyage of the Beagle has been by far the most important event in my life and has determined my whole career.” Of the manuscript describing that voyage, he wrote, “The success of this my first literary child always tickles my vanity more than…

The Internet is Unraveling in the East

In two apparently independent events, a total of three undersea cables normally carrying a large amount of data, including Internet and Telephone signals, have been cut. The first two cables were in the Eastern Mediterranean offshore from Egypt, and the third cut, apparently a day later, is between Dubai and Muscat