Online Reputation Management

You may remember some time ago a brouhaha erupted when an upper Midwestern Blogger was told he had to erase a post that said something bad (yet truthful) about Cheri Yecke, who was at that time competing for the job of head of Florida Education. The company was a “scrubber” which promised to find bad things on the internet about a client, and get rid of them (the bad things, not the client) for a fee.

My response to the company’s efforts to scrub the Yecke is here: Arrrrg. Avast ye ‘defenders’ …

Well, not this sort of company has evolved (ha! evolution is real!) from “scrubber” to “Online Reputation Management” service.

While it’s to be expected that corporations might have people monitoring online reputations, it’s quite another thing to have individuals hire firms to do the same thing…. it sounds like this involves a combination of search engine optimization, plus legal bullying of anyone who says something you don’t like.

Legal Bullying. That service will be very popular among the Intelligent Design Proponents and creationists in general.