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New Research Blogging Feed

The blogosphere is heating up! First, Blogging on Peer Reviewed Research. Then some other stuff I don’t want to tell you about (later, later). And now, this: Blogging on Pseudo-Scientific Douche-Bags. Here. I think it is still in experimental phase, but we all wish them well!

Proven: Michael Behe is a Moron

Michael Behe made a guest appearance in Beaver County the other day to engage in a debate on intelligent Design vs. Real Science. He got interviewed by a local reporter, who posed questions to both Behe and his antagonist. Here I provide a few excerpts for your amusement.

Blogospherics – Recommended reads

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NASA Connect Ancient Observatories

Berry Go Round #1

This is your best chance to own a pristine copy of a Virgin Carnival, on it’s very first round on the internet. Berry Go Round is a carnival about plants, and you can find the first installment here, at Seeds Aside.

Science Debate 2008 got a writeup in Business Week. When most of the Republican candidates for President proclaimed that they did not believe in evolution during a debate last year, astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss was one of many who were aghast. The Case Western University professor and best-selling author was even more upset when former Arkansas…

What?! Is Florida totally full of morons, or what? The Bay District School Board will vote on Wednesday on a resolution that waters down the proposed state standards for life science education. Please go to the Channel 7 web site where this story is posted and add your comments along side some guy from New…

Has Ron Paul Quit?

Vague reports are circulating that Ron Paul is quitting his bid for president. He wrote this letter to supporters.

Secret information available only on, well, major news outlets, seems to indicate that Microsoft has backed off a recent attempt at a hostile takeover of Yahoo.

The provocative title of this post is the title of a new book, by Ken Ham (founder of the absurd Creation Museum, in the woeful state of Kentucky) . Charles ware is co-author.