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New I and the Bird

I and the Bird #68 – Winter Doldrum Edition … the blog carnival, is here, at Biological Ramblings.

Do You Despise Adware?

Who doesn’t? Well, for one, all the people who have sipped the Kool-Ade of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is adware.

Is HERE at the Other 95%

Get a Satellite Named After your Cat!

Or your dog, or favorite house plant, or whatever. Via Bad Astronomy, we have learned of the Name That Satellite Project at NASA. NASA is trying to reverse the mistake of naming a sattelite “GLAST.” This appears to be the beginning of a new policy of satellite naming. Go here to name the satellite.

… according to some. The Veteran’s Administration (hospitals) maintains chapels in their facility. In 1953, the VA initiated a policy regarding chapels that states: “Chapels will be appointed and maintained as places for meditation and prayer for members of any faith group or denomination.” Apparently, this policy has been widely ignored, but is now being…

Star Burps

In the classic science fiction novel, Venus on the Half Shell by Kilgore Trout, the question of how intelligent life evolved (at many different locations) in The Universe is raised, and pursued by the novel’s protagonist. As the novel ends, it turns out that the origin of intelligent life across the universe is … SPOILER…


It is no secret that shark videos are very, very popular. So, it is not surprising that Mark Powell at Blogfish has posted this rare and unusual footage of shark-human interaction.

Coturnix Does Interviews

Coturnix at Blog Around the Clock is doing interviews, and they are quite interesting. The latest is Our Seed Overlord: Interview with Virginia Hughes. He also makes note of The Beagle Project.

There is an updated version of this post here: “Is Blood Ever Blue, Science Teachers Want To Know!“ Why ask the question, “Is blood ever blue?” According to one of the leading experts on the human circulatory system, blood flowing through veins is blue.

The Living Bird

Cornell Lab or Ornithology has always had a lot of good stuff on the web. Now, they have a new site called Living Bird. Go check it out. It’s basically an online journal with a lot of cool articles, including some science, birding advice, etc. … and outstanding bird pictures. Hat tip: Biological Ramblings. And,…