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A critique of home schooling

Katie Criss has a post critiquing home schooling. When I asked myself the question, How do you feel about home schooling? I first thought “Why would anyone do that” So I researched exactly that, What are the reasons that people give of why they choose to homeschool and how valid are they. Link died, has…

Navy Will Shoot Down Satellite

Some time in the next few days the US navy will fire a rocket in order to shoot down a satellite carrying 454 kilograms of the very poisonous substance hydrazine. By blowing the satellite up, the hydrazine tank will explode dispersing the gas to a low concentration level If the tank is not blown up,…

The Human Animal: The Biology of Love

Contains brief nudity and sexually suggestive material.

Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival

Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival Number 34 is here, at Our Cultural World. It’s a good one.

Beta. So, don’t download this unless you want to play. Details here. Here’s the skinny:

In LInux, you can…

Choose among a wide range of cool desktops. These are not “skins” or mods like in Windows. These are entirely different desktop systems that each have their unique characteristics.

Charles Darwin – Finches

Darwin’s finches are a classic and historically important example of a species radiation (sometimes called an “adaptive” radiation, but that implies a specific assertion about the cause of the radiation which may not be appropriate in all cases). During the five weeks that Darwin spent on the Galapagos in September, 1835, he made a number…

How to get a date

A little how-to action for Valentine’s Day

The woman or or representatives were not allowed to attend the trial. Her conviction is based on a written confession to which her fingerprints are attached. She is illiterate and could not read the confession. There are indications that this “conviction” is actually a crime of retribution by a man who is impotent, and who…

Happy Birthday Amanda!