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The Tangled Bank

This is the February 20, 2008 edition of The Tangled Bank web carnival. The next edition will be hosted at Archaeoporn.

Everyone knows about Darwin’s Finches, of the Galapagos Islands. But of course, Darwin made observations of birds throughout his travels on The Beagle. Here, I present a number of passages from The Voyage that include some of these observations.

Minnesota: The Blog State

Tangled up in Blue Guy has a review of what it was like to not get into the Bell Museum Cafe Scientifique that i did last night (not getting in doesn’t sound so bad!) and a list of Minnesota Blogs … these are not blogs about Minnesota, but rather, blogs that deal with a lot…

A good trick in child psychology is to come to a “compromise” in which the child, not knowing any better, gets what they think they wanted but it really turns out to be cod liver oil after all. Florida creationists got their cod liver oil when the Florida School Board voted, with a worrisome 4-3…

Cafe Scientifique

Despite having only a couple of beers, I’m a little fuzzy this morning, but I do want to give a short update last night’s Cafe Scientifique at the Bryant Lake Bowl (sponsored by the Bell Museum of Natural History). First, thanks to everyone for coming, and I’m truly sorry for those of you (Mike, Rob,…

Mitosis. With Shoes

Mitosis Interpretive Dance and Rap

Tangled Bank: Submit!

I’ll be accepting Tangled Bank Web Carnival submissions all day, with the intention of posting the carnival early this evening. So there is still time to send in your posts (depending on when you read this, of course). We’ve got lots of great submission so far … it will be an excellent issue.