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That’s the sound of a statistician or scientist laughing because s/he has some really cool software and didn’t pay a dime for it, because it is open source. Since we are talking about R, I thought I’d point you to a couple of screen shots. Here it is running on a Mac, and here it…

The Golden Compass has won an Oscar

Like the title says, The Golden Compass has won an Oscar. Hooray.

Get Your “No to Nader” Blog Badge!

Here they are, in all sizes for all blogs, sidebars, and other places on the web. Or blow it up and put it up on your lawn next to your Obama or Clinton sign! Or use it as the template for a tattoo. …

Live Blogging the Oscars!!!!

Well, the oscars have just started, and the stars, the women in their fancy dresses and the men in their tux, are all talking to Regis on the red carpet….

Nader is Running for President

Our worst fears have been realized. We finally have a chance to boot the Republicans out of the White House, and now Ralf Nader has announced his insane plans to do whatever he can to make sure that a Democrat does not take that position.

Life After Darwin Part 04

More Life After Darwin

We are busy watching Florida, and the ICR’s new “degree” in “life science education” in Texas, and whatever crap is happening in our own back yards, and we may be missing a dramatic development at the K-12 level in Texas: Social conservatives are poised to take over the Texas State Board of Education.