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Life After Darwin Part 05

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Happy Birthday Brian Switek!

Go over to Laelaps and wish Brian a Happy Birthday!

Microsoft Dupes Library of Congress

Microsoft has paid the Library of Congress a huge bribe so that they will adopt some of their software, and use hardware running Vista in public areas. This is, of course, a travesty. As Boing Boing says, “Library of Congress sells itself out to Microsoft for a mere $3 mil” … You know this is…

Judge Sticks it to Microsoft

During the 2006 holiday shopping season, in a desperate attempt to boost weak sales of their totally sucky operating system, Microsoft engineerd the branding of zillions of PC’s with the slogan “Windows Vista Capable.” Those computers were only able to run a very stripped down version of the senselessly bloated operating system, called, laughingly and…

Facebook and

There is an idea afoot, which emerged from a comment thread on PZ’s blog, Pharyngula. The idea, as I understand it, is to develop a Facebook group, called the ScienceBlogs Fan Club. Then, this could be used to facilitate local meetups. We in Minnesota already do this to some extent, mainly because of PZ’s efforts,…