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Evolution vs. Creationism Blogospherics

Wilberforce vs. Darwin; A disgusting Display; Pew Report on Religion; Science in the schools.

“Every Sperm is Sacred” is Sexist

… And Mike Huckabee is not standing for it…

MAS has played a key role in regional archaeology since its formation, and is one of the oldest and most established avocational and professional groups in archaeology in the US: Since 1939, the MAS has studied the people whose cultural legacy is within the lands we walk upon today. MAS stimulates the study of archaeology…

Go here, to the Behavioral Ecology Blog to learn about this problem. I’ll bed you didn’t know that Berkeley even had a hyena colony. But it is world famous among people who are interested in such things.

Teachers Gone Wild

My wife, a biology teacher, gets crazy in the biology classroom. She is famous for her interpretive dance renditions of numerous cellular processes. The students in the first class of the day reportedly stare in disbelief and roll their eyes, but the students in the other classes throughout the day seem to love it. Several…

Life After Darwin Part 06

More Life After Darwin

Obamagram: Polls changing fast

Despite McCain and Clinton’s best efforts to turn voters away from Barack Obama, he is surging in the polls.

Evolutionary Blogospherics

Intermediate Forms among the Girded Lizards is a post at Tetrapod Zoology: Girdled lizards are endemic to Africa and include about 50 species in four genera: flat-bodied flat lizards Platysaurus, the flattish crag lizards Pseudocordylus, the deeper-bodied, often spiny girdled lizards, zonures or sungazers Cordylus and the serpentiform grass lizards or ground lizards Chamaesaura. Molecular…

So a few weeks ago, we were over at Amy and Danny’s for dinner, and somehow Lipitor came up (no, it had nothing to do with the dinner Amy was cooking!). Anyway, Amy said “Why is Jarvick a good person to promote a drug. I mean, that heart didn’t work, right?” Hmm…. Good point, I…

Nature News

Hunting Wolves; Killing Elephants