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Sunday Script-Yours

What is your favorite scripting language? (I don’t think I can do polls on this site … but if you click on this picture of a poll, you can go to that site and take the poll)

Behold The Vampire Squid

Normally, I keep my blog away from Squid and other cephalopods because I know that if PZ myers feels threatened, he may charge, and the squiggly molluscs are his bailiwick. But, this evening at the Laden household analog of the dinner table, the question came up: “How many species of cephalopods are there, anyway? Huh?”…

Right, I know, he just died so we have to pretend we did not loath him for a least two weeks. But I have the sense that William Buckley would not give me that courtesy, so forget that. I am reminded that Buckley is often quoted as having said words to these effect: I would…


Common Sense Tells us to try this drug: Thank You British NHS. We needed th is.

Holy crap, where did this come from? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is sending thousands of troops and tanks to the border with Colombia, marking a sharp escalation in regional tensions. Speaking on his weekly television show, President Chavez also said Venezuela’s embassy in Colombia would close. Mr Chavez said he was reacting to the “cowardly…

… according to mainstream Christian leaders. This is about Larry King, who was fatally shot in the head on February 12 in a classroom. Larry was murdered by his classmate, Brandon McInerney. It appears that Brandon shot Larry because Larry was openly gay and a transvestite.