I did TOO invent facebook!!!

… oh, wait a minute, maybe I didn’t.

I know I invented something, I just can’t remember what it was…

Anyway, TUIB Guy is agitating to organize a meet and greet over either beer or coffee, using this Facebook thing.

Among my new facebook friends are lots of people who I also know in real life (no, ‘real life” is not an alternative social networking site) and want to catch up with, such as Rob, Haley, Roxy, Marta, and so on. L. Brek too, if she makes it back alive and soon (probably can only do one or the other, right?)

Anyway, TUIB Guy is the expert on these things and he knows the local bars a lot better than I do, so check out his blog post on this and follow instructions.

We could meet at Azia or the Black Forest, or the Spy House, or some sports bar in the Northern Suburbs but preferably when there is not a game on. Bring your guitar, we’ll sing folk songs.