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Punishing slackers and do-gooders in Not Exactly Rocket Science

Humans have an extraordinary capacity for selflessness. We often help complete strangers who are unrelated to us, who we may never meet again and who are unlikely to be able to return the favour. More and more, we are being asked to behave in selfless ways to further the common good, not least in the race to tackle climate change.

Can animals create art?
in Bioephemera

It’s a video. Go have a look.

This is a post I’m going to read and totally internalize:

How to be a Quite Good Bird Photographer #4 – Eliminating Blurring by Charlie at 10,000 Birds

The bane of all (or nearly all?) bird photographers is blurring, where the pin-sharp, award-winning image you see in the viewfinder morphs somehow into a smeared mess fit only for the Recycle Bin. While it’s true that some shots benefit from a bit of creative blurring – I remember seeing a lovely shot of an Arctic Tern where the wings and body were a blur of activity and the only part of the bird in focus was its immobile head and bill which was focussed downwards on an unseen item of prey – on the whole most of us are trying most of the time to keep the object of our attention in sharp relief. We don’t always manage it if course. Hawks soaring overhead leave a trail of pixels across the frame, the head of a sparrow or a finch feeding in the shade of a tree turns into a liquid smear as it pecks etc etc. Why? What is it that causes blurring, and more importantly how can we minimise it?

I suppose this would apply to photographing children as well…

Interview with Susan Franks (who writes one of my favorite blogs) at A Blog Around The Clock

Suzanne Franks, better known online as Zuska is a SciBling you do not want to make mad with mysogynist sentiments! At the second Science Blogging Conference in January she co-moderated a panel on Gender and Race in Science: online and offline.

Minnesotans: Don’t forget to check in with TUIB Guy on why Greg Laden Didn’t Invent Facebook