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Blog Carnival

The Boneyard Ex-Vee is up at Laelaps. Its a good one, enjoy it!


Don’t fall behind. It is Daylight Saving Time (In most parts of the US)

Finally, an Open Source Robot

I suppose I could live with Robots if they were Open Source. (Or are they just trying to lull me into complacency?) Imagine a robot that hands you a beer and then cleans your kitchen and living room. That’s what a start-up called Willow Garage in Menlo Park, Calif., is busy developing. But the company…

Facebook Scandal

A Ryerson University freshman set up a Facebook study group for his Chemistry class. He now faces 147 counts of academic misconduct.

Duck and Bad Statistical Reasoning

How are these things linked? They are not, but if you visit Good Math Bad Math, the blog, you can get an Excellent Recipe for Moroccan Spiced Roast Duck, and read about Bad Statistical Reasoning about Weather and Climate. Something for everybody.

The Barbeque Bot reminds me of an old Harlan Ellison story in at least one way: This is all about using advanced technology to “enforce” laws by private citizens. In the Harlan Ellison story I’m thinking of, individual drivers attack other drivers with advanced weapons built into their cards. (I understand Ellison wrote this story…

Creationism’s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design is a must read for those interested in the Evolution – Creationism controversy. In particular, this volume is an essential part of the personal library of every science educator, for reasons that I will describe below. If you know a Life Science Teacher, this is a perfect…

The Carnival Of Education

… Week 161 is Here, at The Education Wonks

Happy Birthday The Universe

The age of the Universe is 13.73 billion years, plus or minus 120 million years. Some people might say it doesn’t look a day over 6000 years. They’re wrong.