Archives for March 10, 2008

Dancing Boys

I’ve been pressured to supply a photograph of Dancing Boys to gender balance the Dancing Girls provided earlier. I can do this. But you have to understand, that Dancing Boys and Dancing Girls are not the same thing. Dancing Boys in Drag are like Dancing Girls, but otherwise, Dancing Boys are usually a bunch of…

Hark! The Sermon on the Mount!

It turns out that most of our elected representatives, in the U.S., are going to hell. I just found out. Do you want to know why?

Sexing Drosophila melanogaster

Ben Stein, Expelled

You may have noticed that I’ve been entirely silent about the movie Expelled. This is because of something that I do: Utterly ignore certain aspects of reality because my level of interest does not exceed my level of annoyance. I also ignore entire chunks of reality because I find them too interesting yet don’t have…